Happy author & dog in Saltillo, a happy place.

I live in a place where it is commonly hot and where a lot of dinosaurs used to live, a long time ago. It is common to find dinosaur skeletons here. We are known for that. My brother and I used to go to the “alameda,” which is a park with a lot of trees in downtown Saltillo, and it´s very beautiful.

There are a lot of museums and my family and I probably have visited all of them. The most common as I already said is the Museum of the Desert, which shows a lot of animals besides dinosaurs who are usually found in desertic areas, like snakes, spiders, among others. The one I love most visiting is the “Museum of the Catrina.” It is very common to hear about a Catrina, or “skeleton” on a scary story in Mexico. The museum is in an old house decorated to be very scary. They really nailed it!

And then there are the common museums of each state capital on Mexico–the Museum of the Coin, the Revolution, History, and so on. But museums are not the only thing we used to visit on Saltillo, nor even their greatest attractions.

A thing that I could recommend you visit a lot is downtown, close to the alameda. There are a lot of local stores that sell typical candies from Saltillo. The most common food on Saltillo is the Pan Mena, which is a bread but somehow tastes like sugar. It is delicious.

The thing I don´t really like about Saltillo is the weather, since it is desert (the Mexico shown in theaters). Even though it is hot almost all year, however, it is a very pleasant place to live. And more with my best friends when we go swimming, which is a lot of times. Sometimes you just can´t hold the heat and you can just lay on the shadow and you will be okay with the weather.

Coahuila is a place were a lot of people can go visit to relax. I love it very much. I have been living there my whole life and don´t know a lot of places other than there. I have traveled to some places in Mexico and the USA, but I like Saltillo for reasons I find hard to explain.

There is one place that I think is one of the most beautiful places I have been to, it is called El Bosque Urbano (the urban forest). It is literally a little forest on the town, but I like that place because of the silence and the trees. When you enter you can see a lot of trees covering this place. This park is a place dedicated to different types of trees that are mostly seen on the north of Mexico, but a lot of people just use it to have a good time on a quiet place.

You can visit a lot of places in Saltillo, but a lot of people live here because it has huge labor opportunities–and bigger if you are an engineer because it is a place where there are a lot of companies for them. And a lot of people visit here because of the same thing.

There is a lot of cultural value on Saltillo, mostly found downtown. I am proud to be a person born in Saltillo, because of all the cultural things–our museums and our places to visit. Saltillo is a really good place to live.