There are so many places to visit when you are in Mexico. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to visit all the best ones in a short period of time and still enjoy them. You can go to one of the hundreds (if not thousands) of beaches that exist all throughout the coast.

In the center there is also beautiful places – the metropolitan area is one of the best areas. You can go to Mexico City and spend over a week visiting all the touristic areas, and there alone, you won’t be done with all of them. The pyramids, the big prehispanic city right in the middle of Mexico City surrounded by buildings from colonial times when “conquistadores” used to wipe out every trace of the indigenous people and of them ever existing.

Another great example of a place of interest is Puebla. This precious city, located southeast from Mexico City, is just a two-hour drive away with amazing history. Once you are about to arrive you will be greeted by the two guardians: Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl. The two breathtaking volcanoes that are a big part of the culture in Puebla. Even when they are just volcanoes, and don’t do much apart of scaring some locals and the majority of visitors that aren’t used to a couple of exhalations and dust or smoke from Popo to alert everyone, he is still awake.

After a couple of days in the city you will notice that there are some strange clouds above the biggest volcano Popocatepetl and they are dust clouds or ashes which in Mexican folklore means that ‘Popo’ is angry. Some people, mostly in rural areas and little villages say that they talk to the volcanoes to calm them down. In some cases these little eruptions are accompanied by small earthquakes–some harder than others. For us it is one of the most common things: if you live in this part of Mexico since we are already used to the earth shaking when Goyo (Popocatepetl) is “upset.”

There is also something that the visitors definitely have to watch out for and that’s the food. Our cuisine is another big and awesome part of the culture and folklore in Puebla–be it street food or in traditional Mexican restaurants.

Chiles en nogada, pipian, mole poblano, chalupas, memelasand tacos some of the many dishes you will see just after a couple of hours of walking in the downtown area of the city. Funny enough, the most popular dishes in Puebla came from churches. Mole poblano came from the Santa Rosa convent and it is prepared with chocolate, herbs and some other things and served most of the times with chicken and red rice; it can be sometimes spicy or sweet, depending on where you eat it and who prepares it. The second most important dish is chiles en nogada, which comes from another convent, the Santa Monica; it is a chili filled with meat, some types of nuts and some fruits and covered with a sauce made with more nuts, milk and wine or rum. These delicacies alone are what make Puebla ones of the best places in Mexico to visit.

You can also always visit the different markets that you can find throughout the whole city. At improvised street markets, people close off entire streets just to sell clothes, toys, furniture, food. you can find all kinds of things in those markets–even handmade stuff to bring home as a souvenir. If you aren’t faced by a bit of noise, dirt, blood and sometimes bad smells you can go to the markets where you only find food. The best example of it is the one in Atlixco, Puebla. You can find almost every type of street food available there: tacos, memelas, gorditas, Cecina, suadero, cemitas, tacos de canasta, tacos dorados. On the outside of the market you will find the “Zocalo” which is a beautiful place with a coffee and a church. There is a small market there too where you can buy all sorts of plants and flowers, some snacks, more street food and even pets.

All in all, Puebla is one of the places that everyone visiting Mexico has to go to. They will have amazing experiences and wonderful views all throughout the city.