When arriving to the golf club I get chills every time I just look at the entrance. Just passing through the main entrance and seeing the 18th green, surrounded by all the big trees, is just amazing. All that green grass and trees; it’s just something else. Everywhere you look there are trees, flowers and nature. It is beautiful. But nothing compares to arriving at sunrise to the golf course. The smell of the freshly cut grass is like a drug. And everything ready for you, to be the first one to tee off. You can always play by yourself or with friends. Both ways are really fun but at the same time very different from each other.

I wasn’t always a fan of playing golf by myself. I always thought that it was boring and you didn’t have anyone to talk to. But once I tried, and really concentrated, I finally knew that it is one of the best things to do in the world. One of the hardest things to do in golf is concentrate and being to able to clear your mind from everything except your game. It’s a different experience playing by yourself and I believe is the best way for you to improve.

When being on the golf course I always try to keep my mind clear. I always keep everything except golf outside the golf course. Sometimes my parents yell at me because I don’t answer the phone. And it frustrates me because they don’t understand me; they don’t understand that even the most insignificant thing can ruined any golf player concentration. That’s why in every golf tournament of the PGA Tour there is someone telling you to please be quiet when a player is going to take a shot.

But playing with your friends and family is great. Just hanging around, making some bets just makes the game great. My friends and I grab a beer between holes, or make a stop at the 9th hole to grab something to eat. But it is really different from playing alone. It is harder for me to concentrate while playing with my friends. But playing with them is more fun than playing alone. You can just be walking around and talking with your pals about anything and you will have a great time. Also the competition can be a great way for you to improve your game (although not as much as playing by yourself). But playing with friends that are better than your helps you to push yourself to become a better player. And having both ways, playing by yourself and with friends is the best way for you to improve.

I love being on the golf course. Even if I’m not playing golf it’s just a feeling I can’t explain. I feel like It doesn’t matter the time, or how am I feeling, just being there practicing or hanging out makes everything better. It is my place to go where I have nothing to do or if I just feel low or sad. Just being with my self, my fourteen golf clubs, a sleeve of three Titleist golf balls and 5 wooden tees makes me feel like I’m in heaven. Unless I go out and shoot a ninety then that heaven becomes my fucking hell. As they like to say one minute you’re bleeding. The next minute you’re hemorrhaging. The next minute you’re painting the “Mona Lisa.” That’s how golf is.