Santorini is an island with many activities–wine tasting, a volcano and a brewery, restaurants, hotels with an amazing view of the caldera. People can take a walk and visit the stores along the island. As a result, tourism has a huge impact on the island’s economy. Something very characteristic about this place is the volcanic caldera and the white buildings with the blue domes. Santorini has many luxury hotels, most of them with a pool or jacuzzi in each room. I had the opportunity to travel to Europe two years ago.

This trip began on the right foot because all my family and I were very excited. I wanted to see the view from our room. I wanted to feel the water of the jacuzzi that we had on the balcony. So I put my foot in the water. But I didn’t realize that there was a step, so I fell in with my clothes on, I was not even wearing a bathing suit. This was just a very hilarious experience for my family. We were all laughing about my fall.

Santorini for me is one of the most amazing places I have ever visited. We created incredible moments that will last forever. In my case, my family’s decision was to buy a yacht trip on the day of my mom’s birthday. We started the trip and visited some beaches. After a while, the boat stopped near the red beach, so we could do some snorkeling in the sea. After that we ate a delicious meal. On our way back, the yacht made a last stop so we could watch the sunset. It was a perfect moment and the perfect way to spend the evening.

I lay down on my towel to see the landscape. The sound of the waves hitting the bottom of the yacht. Watching the awesome colors of the sky. Seeing my mom happier than ever. Seeing her dream of spending her birthday in Santorini come true. It all made me very happy.

Time flew. Soon I could not even remember what day it was. But on July 10th my parents celebrated their wedding anniversary. During breakfast, my dad proposed one more time to my mother, and my mom said “yes.” It was one of the best moments of the trip. The same day, during the afternoon, we went to a wine tasting with an amazing view to enjoy another sunset because we could not get enough of it. We had an amazing dinner again. This was our last day, so after we had dinner, we returned to the hotel. We sat on some chairs, put on some music and staid there for a long time to admire the sunset.

It was amazing to watch the sun go down. The sky was unbelievable, a fading blue on top, with a mix of light yellow in the middle, melting to an intense orange. As time passed by, the sky began to turn darker, until it was an intense blue and purple. To finish the perfect frame, below the village, it was completely illuminated. We were thrilled to keep exploring this amazing country, and ready to continue our tour in Athens. But for the remainder of the evening, we were happy to take in the twilight together.