What defines Cholula? My town is iconic for its pyramid, volcanoes and its endless churches. (You will confirm that with a simple Google search.) The only pictures that will show up are of what I just mentioned; the iconic scene of the Shrine of Our Lady of Remedies, lying on the top of one of the biggest pyramids in Latin America, disguised by the marvelous flora and fauna of my town, the popular volcano El Popocatepetl–standing still as it’s background is one of the most fascinating views you will see in your life. Notwithstanding where I live, churches are very popular.

There is this saying that there exists over 365 churches in my town, one for each day of the year. They are like 7-11’s in the United States: for every hundred meter you walk you’ll come across one.  You can tell my town is a bit religious.

But as I mentioned earlier, our most famous church lays on the top of a thousand year old pyramid. And yes you heard that right: there does exist pyramids outside Egypt too. In fact, Mexico have several around the country, but my town is famous for having a church on top, which makes it pretty unique.  It has become a signature of our town.  On clear days you will have the gift to see the fantastic view of el Popocatepetl (an active volcano), which I must say something in respect, who even thought it would be ideal to settle down by an active volcano (didn’t they hear about Pompei?).

But in the end it’s a perfect composition between churches, pyramid and volcano that make up one of the most breathtaking landscapes too evidence where I live. My favorite season of the year is October. As if the view isn’t mesmerizing all year round, when the Day of the Dead gets closer, it becomes a view to never forget.  The harvest of the traditional flower Cempasúchil on the many fields that surround the pyramid and the church is breathtaking.

Each day for the month of October I take the long way home; I usually have a shortcut and would skip these fields. But when I have bad days I stop by a coffee shop nearby, sit down (almost) every time in the same spot, order a hot pumpkin latte and sit for hours while I do my homework. Or sometimes just appreciate the beautiful view.  The whole town is painted in orange. What makes it even more special is what it represents in the end.

The Cempasúchil has a deeper meaning to our culture and religion. My town is unique. But for you to get the real essence of where I live, it’s just enough to walk down the streets of Cholula to understand it. The place where I live is magic .…