Chapel of the Virgen de los Remedios, watched over by the volcanoes Popocatépetl and Iztaccihuatl.

I learned in my few first months here how much meaning this town has to my life. Cholula is a word that derives from the Náhuatl, Cholollan, meaning the place for the ones that ran away. To my surprise, I moved to a town full of magic and history, and everything that represented this town was so significative for me. I can tell that the ones who come to this town will be provided with a place to call home.

My mother always says that the only constant things in life are changes. Living in this town had made me believe about what she says. Cholula is always in constant change, and mostly its weather.

Every day I wake up at seven to get myself ready for the day. I am in love with looking through the window of my apartment. I live on the fourth floor. I get to see the spectacular view of the two volcanos–Popocatépelt and Iztaccíhuatl–with that yellow church on top of the pyramid which gives me comfort somehow. And as I look through my window, I try to figure out what the weather might be for the rest of the day.

My first hint is the Popocatépetl. I start by observing it and to see if it has been covered with clean white snow or if it kept that natural brownish color. For example, if only the peak was reached with a touch of snow, it will let me know that my morning will start very fresh. In that case, I should take a light sweater with me, but not a heavy one because in some hours I will not bear to wear it anymore.

My second hint is in the clouds.  First, I look at the color. It will give me enough information to figure out how the rest of the day will be. If the clouds are spongy and look gray and heavy, it will be most likely to be a rainy day. Then, it means I should be aware, and try to decide between taking my rain boots or risking myself into taking normal shoes.

But the clouds could appear to be spongy and big, like a cotton candy with a nice white color. It will give you the hint that it will be a nice sunny day. In that case, the bright Cholula will allow me to take out my favorite green sandals or maybe some really nice shorts. That also means the day will turn out to be very windy, so if you are sensitive to the cold fresh air, a light sweater might be needed.

But it could be tricky. The clouds sometimes will move through the sky during the day, so nothing appears to be like it seems to be at the end. In my experience living here it does help us pay attention to the clouds because. If you do not, you will have a bad day, because you have ignored Cholula’s weather signs.  Is all about observing carefully. As a third hint, finally, it is important to not pay too much attention to the seasons. Four years of living here has led me to believe that Cholula has its own heart and mind. The weather has its own feelings and thoughts–always changing.